Hey there, I'm Shaye, the sole operator of Hounds@Home. You'll really get to know me. And I'll really get to know your dog. Because I will be your care taker every time.


Hounds@Home is what I do to help keep dogs & cats OUT of cages. I rescued my dog from there and want him to be *home* forever, no matter what.

I give pets what they would really want, if they can't come along with you - at home comfort with outdoor exploration every day. Hounds@Home is my place to do something I believe not too many can offer, which is living in a lifestyle that means staying somewhere different, all the time. But I don't mind, so I share that gift with dogs! And other pets too. Why shouldn't our pets be having as much fun as us while we're away?! Because oh my goodness, the guilt we feel is real. My clients tell me they look forward to going away now! 

And I walk. I walk a lot. Not around the neighbourhood, in nature.  There's locations for all stages of life for your dog. If they are elderly, I would love to sit and people watch & nature watch with them. Dogs are wild, I feel I'm wild too. Only in the all natural (foresty) kind of way. That's why we connect.

I promise to be your pet's BFF while you are away. Because I know, I know how tough it is to go away without your pets. I'm so grateful to know my dog is at home the times I've had to travel without him. Hounds@Home is how I can give, help & contribute to yours & others lives. I make pet care easy & fun. I will be at your house at 2am if you have early travel times & you don't want your dog to be alone. Don't even sweat it, I don't mind one bit.

Your dog will be on a Phodography Adventure which you will see every day in your inbox. I'll keep you connected during your trip. Follow here to see what other pet owners received to their emails during their pets staycations.