To Danielle

A small showcase of dog gear, places, products and Riley's raw talent. So you can begin to envision your products here.

I have also done some work to present your great store front.

Here I changed the perspective slightly to use the parking stripes as leading lines that 'bring the customer into the store'. The cherry on top would be if you guys had been open when I took these and the doors were open too!  I was also able to edit out the top of the trash can to help unobstruct the view as well as get rid of black behind the word RAW to make it easily legible.

Here; a different, fun, dramatic angle to capture the front of store scene. Really utilizing the word RAW (it looks so good, awesome design you did) so then people immediately know what you're all about when they see your store's picture. RAW!

Lots of ways to capture your store front. Could be a fun series in itself, capturing different times of day.

Thanks for browsing Danielle, I hope you enjoyed. Would love an email to hear your feedback at hounds.victoria@gmail.com. Looking forward to your thoughts & sharing ideas. 

Kind Regards,

Shaye & Riley

This page was made special for you inside my Hounds@Home website & only accessible via the link I sent you.