A Charmed Canine Day


Having Charmed Canine present assures you & your guests never have to miss a moment during any special occasion. Get your pet cared & pampered for personally throughout the day with great services such as the following (but never limited too)...

  • First and foremost, a pre-wedding outing to release energy. 1 hour? 2 hours? It's up to you, it will all be included.

  • Next: Chauffeur service. Canines ride in style in their own vehicle with me, which keeps paw prints, fur & doggie drool off your attire. This can include pick-up/drop-off service as well as transportation between event locations if applicable.

  • Personal Stylist. Pre-event & during. Prior to bringing your pet to the event I may offer a light brushing and face tidy to assure they are photo ready along with dressing them in any special accessories. Throughout the day I will keep an eye out for things from crooked bows to messy fur, assuring they are always photo ready. *If your pet requires a full groom that can be arranged. They will walk out of their appointment straight into your wedding with a come to you mobile service.

  • Photo Shoot Assistance. I will be there to help guide your dog to be engaged forward with the camera whether that is with treats, a favourite toy or friendly voice. Coordination with your photographer for a smiling pooch! Without a special assistant for your pooch they may be turned around, your photographer is coordinating lots of people after all!

  • You will have me, an experienced dog walker, to hand your pet on and off to as needed for different photos or walking to new locations. Dress? Heels? Excited pup? Yipe! Leave it to me.

  • Water & Treat Service throughout the day. I will keep your pet well hydrated as well as provide snacks (as per your guidance) to help keep them happy, calm and focused. High value reward treats included such as; tripe, salmon, venison, duck or please let me know what is suitable for your dog & I will pick it up.

  • I can take your dog for breaks away from the excitement if necessary to offer them a little bit of rest. Something they actually really enjoy and where you can be sure none of your guests are missing a moment.

  • Hounds@Home* pet care post event. In home over-night service may be added in addition to the above services for a nice peaceful evening of rest for your furry companion. Please inquire.

  • I will come dressed in neat & professional attire, or as per your direction.

Weddings and special events are very exciting for our pets, they love having all of their favourite people in one place just as much as you! Having a knowledgeable, professional, kind, patient and experienced handler will ensure the most enjoyable experience for all humans & pets involved.

~ I'll design a day that's pawfect for you & your pet ~

RATES Easy peasy. All inclusive. Simply choose the amount of event time you need. Driving to/return from pickup location will be calculated separately. Complimentary 25km driving distance to pick-up location from care takers origin, 0.49¢ per km thereafter.


You may choose as many of the above options you desire or inquire about any ideas you may have. It is all included. Rates include up to 2 pets! Please contact for additional pets.

2Hour Package:     120

3Hour Package:  165

4Hour Package:  200

For additional hours, please add 70/hr.

Your pets will be a part of your greatest memories for a lifetime.

Hounds@Home  Staycations for Pets

Add on an additional service for your wedding night such as Hounds@Home (a unique overnight pet/house sitting service) for $49 off when you book an event. (Reg rate $149/per 24hrs for single dog). Applies to wedding night only until noon the following day. Regular rates apply thereafter.

Don't forget! You can include additional ideas you may have into your pet's experience, all you have to do is bring it up!

It is not a problem for me to travel, please never hesitate to contact based on your location.