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The ultimate luxury for your pet's accommodation - your home.

Hounds@Home is private pet sitting & house sitting in Victoria, BC & beyond.


But not your average pet care! Give your pets a staycation vacation of their own while you are away. Hounds@Home is an in-your-home 24hr pet care service - your pet gets to stay comfy in his or her every day surroundings.


Dogs and I have a blast together and I have no shortage of great adventures to take them on, no matter what stage of life they are in. We visit forests, mountains, lakes, streams, oceans.. you name it! I'm always up to something dogs will love.


Outings with other dogs may be arranged too for K9 socialization, if that is something your dog enjoys. Doggie Beach Parties are a thing that we do! And they can be made private or social.


I love taking photos so you will receive beautiful photography updates to your inbox daily that keep you connected to your pet while you are away. You seriously won't be the only one with vacation pix! In case you haven't visited the Your Inbox page yet - click to see what yours will look like.

This is a personal one-on-one service, in addition to the above, you get to tell me about what your pet is used to in a day/what their needs are (training you are working on? brushing? their personal routine, etc) and I accommodate!

Before I come to stay we can also arrange for outings that way your dog will know exactly who I am, creating only excitement for when the time comes for your trip away.

Along with a staycation tailored for your pet's desires, you also have the added bonuses of security for your home while you are away, any plants taken care of, mail collected & more.

Great reviews from The Hounds & Their Humans


Rates: Easy Peasy All-Inclusive packages, like a true vacation!

       Warm Hearts Package. Rest easy knowing your hound & home have everything they need.

Everything written above. At home comfort, their routine, beautiful & fun locations every day, photography email updates & a personal bestie for them while you are away.


Your dog's staycation is ready for them at 145/24hrs

Two dogs, 175/24hrs

*this breaks down to approx $6hr (woohoo!) for your private 24hr care. $7.20/hr for two dogs & your home. Option for payment plan. Please let me know.

For my social media hounds! Don't miss out on vacation time or lose IG engagement.

You choose how many/which days.

Have a photo posted to your social page for $8/day.

Have the above plus comments answered & engagement up kept for $15/day.

     Star Package. For the sightseer, big adventurer or photography addict.

This staycation can be for one or include up to two dogs and/or some small pets.

Everything written above plus

- Full social media takeover daily, keep your pet's account active with Hounds@Home phodography.

*This is still for you even if you don't use social media, you're going to be thrilled about the extra special places your dog goes & your daily photography updates to have forever keepsakes.

- Adventures beyond your local area. Think, waterfalls, Mystic Beach, East Sooke Park, Heart Lake & more.

- Special sunrise and/or sunset photo shoots.

- Photo editing to really show off that star.

- Airport dropoff/pickup with the greetings of your dog. Such a happy way to come home!

- Grocery necessities restocked as per your request. *Up to $35 for stays of a week+.

- More surprises for you & your pet!

1-2 dogs + small pets included. 220/24hrs.

Other pets welcome for Staycations! Or arrangements for homes without pets that need to be watched. Please email or head to the Contact page to make your special inquiry.

Let's create an awesome staycation!