Do you accept aggressive dogs?

Dangerous aggressive behaviour towards myself is not accepted. I would like to talk to you about your dog's individual needs if you are working on things such as leash reactivity.

"But boarding only costs 'x' amount of dollars"....

Please consider that private & personally tailored 24hr in-your-home pet care is a completely different service and is not comparable to these other types of services. Hounds@Home does not have the opportunity to stack clients for increased income and does not divide it's attention in many directions. One client, 100% attention. This costs more than boarding, in dollar value. I hope you have visited the Hounds@Home service page to see the value beyond the dollar amount.

But petting puppies is free.. why isn't your service free?

It's a nice thought. Hounds@Home is a real business with real business costs though. Petting puppies doesn't come at no expense to myself. Car maintenance & fuel for grand adventures, treats & equipment, vehicle/business insurance, business license, website, to name a few are all things that do indeed cost money to operate.