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Hi Shaye,

Just a quick note to thank you form the bottom of our hearts for your hard work managing the dogs at our wedding. We really appreciate your calm demeanor and skilled handling. You did an excellent job and we sincerely appreciate it! The wedding wouldn’t have been the same without the dogs and, with everything going on, we couldn’t have done it without you!


We will be in touch re: walking when we get back into work a little later this summer.


All the best and feel free to use me as a reference at any time!



Jacqueline, Tim, Toby & Lily

Shaye is the best! She takes the best care of my pup Penny and the best photos.



I am the owner of Boots and Bijou - the two little black dogs. Hounds at Home has looked after my dogs twice. Shaye is wonderful. She truly cares and loves your dogs. I have full and complete faith in her and that is realized when I come home and my dogs are completely content and happy (plus tired from all the walkies ). If you are a dog owner and love your dogs like I do you know how important it is that they are not just looked after but cared for and loved. You will get that with Hound@ Home.

Also on a more practical side, the first time Shaye looked after my dogs she saved Boot's life. She correctly identified that he had a urinary problem and didn't wait until I got back. She was in touch with the vet and sure enough he had to have surgery and is now fully recovered.


So as you can tell I would highly recommend Hounds at Home!



Best doggie care out there! I highly recommend Hounds at Home to anyone in need of pet care. My pups look forward to each visit, and are treated like family!


These photos are awesome!!! Thankyou. Really some of my favourite photos of Kona ever.


Hi Shaye,

Thanks so much for the cookies and having milk in the fridge: so appreciated! Snurf was happy to see us, although she may have been re-thinking that this morning when instead of a nice walk, she got harassed by little Easter bunnies ;-)

Thank you for all the pictures, we love them! And thanks for taking such good care of our little Snurfy. It was wonderful to know she was being loved in our absence.