The places we've gone, come with us next time.
Backdrops to tell your story.

The planet is phenomenal. And so are you.

Have us take you out there.

We are Riley & Shaye, a dog & gal big time exploring duo & digital content creators.


We're based on Vancouver Island & exploring as much of N. America as we can while we're together mostly via car camping. It's important to me that he takes in as much of the outdoors as possible during his time & to show others what is out there while we do it & hope they will go too. As he has shown me it's the best thing ever. Now we want to use it fuel good people & their businesses by providing online media while we're out there.


What we do is take you with us when we go (your product/your name) to increase the recognition & quality of your site with awesome images. We are currently accepting work to create content to help you easily supplement your content through these destination visuals. Have us take your brand/product/customer there with great images. With us, you won't be in a studio! I have used my dog as my main subject to show the incredible outdoors on our increasing outdoorsy Instagram community @rileys.roadtrips. We strive to be the best for you, come along and let us take you outside with us!

We can:


~ Do blog posts (car camping, destinations, travel with a dog) or gather information/images for yours, currently contributors to OutdoorProject.com.


~ License existing images.

~ Create content just for you.

Brand Ambassadors for @mountain_mutt_

This biothane collar is especially perfect for those wet car camping days.

Our audience is primarily:

Pet Parents//Ready to Adventure

"Thanks!! We had like 6 tan collars purchased in a row. Thanks for the amazing photos & being such a superb ambassador."

Getting creative together.

All photos by myself.

Content for Raw Feeding Victoria.

Content for Hurraw dog food.

We're ready - let's go out in this phenomenal planet together.

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