Companies To Buy From For Your Road Trip Needs - Canadian Edition

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I think lately buying local has been something that has gone from just being viewed as hip and something of rarer occasion where we might show our friends in a burst of excitement like 'can you believe it?' to something not only much more common(yay!) but something practically mandatory if you truly want to see some change in our world. Buying things made within your community or country saves hugely on transportation resources. And buying within your community and taking your money out of large corporations pockets can eventually shift power! Power goes where money is. So wherever you are from in the world it's great to make an effort to find out what is available to you within arms reach! And find out if the companies you are supporting also support your views. Some common large mainstream companies in Canada are giving money to political campaigns in the US you may be against! So here's to finding local options!

This is a list of Canadian owned companies I purchase from for Riley and I.

(I will disclose if I have received anything).

1. Yupik - Canadian Bulk Items

A Canadian bulk food store that started as a small shop in Montreal but is now available online to all of Canada. I'm SO excited to have found this shop, it's so perfect for non perishable road trip essentials. Many items found on the site are organic and/or fair trade and the prices can be *crazy* good. Powdered greens like chlorella, wheat grass and spirulina are an essential for both Riley and I on the road and these ones are half of the price of what you find in the grocery store, just as a solid example! (I do not receive anything from this business).

2. Strait to Summit - Ethical Treats & Chews

A Vancouver Island gem. I pretty much lost it when this company sprung up. We are from Vancouver Island and I had been sad to not have nice dehydrated raw food alternatives for my dog while traveling. Not only does she provide the dehydrated versions of things I had been stressed about not being able to feed on the road like chicken feet and whole herring, she's crazy ethical. I'm so impressed by her and her practices. She opened in 2018 and only recently (May 2020) we have worked to become ambassadors for her product. So if you would like some of them you can save 10% by using the code RILEY . He will receive a few free treatos for his belly if you use his code :) She regularly sells out so grab them when you can - ps available to ship throughout Canada!

3. Mountain Mutt - Biothane Collars & Leashes + Tags

The gear I didn't know I NEEDED. I basically never planned to replace the generic pet store collar I had for Riley, as it technically served it's carry his ID tag. But actually his collar and gear can be way more functional and pleasant to use. I've had his biothane collar for well over a year and I'm still googley eyes over it. It looks stunning every day as since it is not fabric it seems to be self cleaning. I've never cleaned it and I take product shots of it often. The other feature to swoon over is that it's impossible for it to soak through. Never caked in mud and water and doesn't remain as something gross and wet to have in the tent when we are camping! The long leads don't tangle and snag like fabric either. I imagine this gear will last Riley his lifetime which is super good for the planet and saving money.

Besides those things, this product exists because the owner's puppy Lola needed an $18, 000 surgery so she did absolutely everything she could to save her dog. From scooping poop, walking neighbourhood dogs and making a vareity of items which she has now crafted down in to a truly beautiful product. Today she donates 10% of her proceeds to a new charity every month to help other dogs in need! (gosh, I'm literally tearing up at how sweet this person/business is writing this). I'm honoured to have one of their collars and soon a leash & tag as they are made with such big hearts.

4. Threads N Tails - Custom Made Dog Cozies

This is another Vancouver Island find. So what are they? They are fully customizable warm clothing options for dogs, from all of your pet's measurements to the colours and patterns you like. Why I chose to get one for Riley is for camping. Usually I will drape a blanket over him but it always falls off and I constantly wake up to tuck him back in. Last year I put him in my own winter vest as a temporary solution...but clearly he needed something that fits him properly. This product has been amazing. Just look:

5. The Last Hunt/Altitude Sports

A fully Canadian outdoor retailer. (Of course not all products are Canadian themselves, I wish that existed). But it is a Canadian made store so you can be sure to avoid duty fees when buying gear online. A few reasons though that I enjoy using these websites is, The Last Hunt is their past seasons store where items are heavily discounted and site wide sales are regularly added on top of the already discounted items. Items from that website will be final sale unless they arrive damaged. So far I am pleased with the items I have purchased. Their base store Altitude Sports I like because they have a specific search option for products that are certified as environmentally friendly. This site also includes good sales. So if you want to create an environmentally friendly affordable camping or road trip gear set, these sites seem like a solid place to shop.

(I do not receive anything for promoting this website).

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