Foods to Pack for a Road Trip, No Cooler, No Prepping, No Recipes

Some items will keep several days and some items will be day of eating once opened.

Fruits and veggies keep just fine not refrigerated

Single serve fruits and veg

- apples

- stone fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines etc)

- pears

- oranges

- pomegranate

- bananas

- dates

- berries

- grapes

- kiwi

- baby carrot sticks

- cucumber

- zucchini

- tomatoes (cherry & grape are even easier)

- bell pepper

- avocado

Canned/Jarred Food

- tuna

- salmon

- chili

- olives

- canned hummus (goes perfect with the veggies)

- canned fruit

- nut butter/peanut butter

- coconut butter (soooo divine!)

Dried Goods

- cooked dehydrated chickpeas

- diced or large flake coconut

- cashews

- almonds

- pumpkin seeds

- meat jerky

- raisins

- cranberries

- dried fruit (figs, apple, apricot etc)

Other Items

- chocolate

- rice crackers

- bread

- mustard (make sandwiches with the veggies from the first section for minor prepping)

- tortilla chips & salsa

- protein powder mixed with water

- smoked salmon/seafood, may keep 2-3 days without refrigeration, check packaging.

- hard boiled eggs (you can get them preserved in jars or fresh in the egg section)

- pickles (either pack from home for a day trip snack or grab a single serve over size pickle from the deli area).

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