To Sue

We'd love to support what you do for pets even further,

By taking you all kinds of places for your online media!

Riley is just about 11 now, his age & loving following of friends are making him a great ambassador for people, products & places we love! Others feel connected to Ry & love to know what he is doing, making him a great face for promotions & a doggie his followers want to be like.


We go on a huge variety of adventures & could show you off in many ways. Producing content all the time can be rather time consuming in the midst of business & life, but so important these days, let us take care of it & give you content for you to brand with your personality! We'd love to use our adventures to promote the places we love. Here are are some of the tricks Riley can do & the dreamy places we go so you can start to imagine your products here.

Kind Regards,

Shaye & Riley

Send us a quick email with your feedback to hounds.victoria@gmail.com. Looking forward to your thoughts & sharing some ideas. :) It can be as simple as saying hi!

This page was made special for you inside my Hounds@Home website & only accessible via the link I sent you. :)